Collected Resources on Scholarship in Rhetoric and Composition

2020 Alternate Career Resources

Doctoral Consortium 2015 Meeting Minutes

Doctoral Consortium 2014 Meeting Minutes

Doctoral Consortium 2013 – Slide Show for 20th Anniversary Reception

Doctoral Consortium 2013 Meeting Minutes

Doctoral Consortium 2012 Meeting Minutes

Doctoral Consortium 2011 Meeting Minutes

Expertise Grid for University of Arizona’s Ph.D. Program in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English

Plotting the Growth of Rhetoric and Composition [pdf] [ppt](companion to Louise Wetherbee Phelps and John M. Ackerman, “Making the Case for Disciplinarity in Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies: The Visibility Project,” CCC 62:1, September, 2010, 180-210.)

Journals in Rhetoric and Composition

Edited Collections Book Series



Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing

National Archives of Composition and Rhetoric

Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives

Resources for Graduate Students in Rhetoric and Composition

Master’s Degree Consortium of Writing Studies Specialists


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